1979 Honda express 2 tail light not working brake light only?

Hello so what I have done so far is replace bulbs tried 12v ones tried 12v led all nothing. when I press the brake lever I get it to work but no tail light.

I installed a new battery a few months ago ive tested the rectifier appears to be working.

I unplugged the wires in the back looked ok plugged them back in nothing still.

Took the cover off from the middle of the bike under the seat noticed the plastic plug looked oily took it off cleaned both plugs with some brake kleen plugged back in still nothing.

Now I just popped in a new bulb 3 days ago waited 3 months from honda and they only ordered one so I popped it in nothing but a brake light.

Would seem kinda weird that every bulb is burning out instantly if so im lost maybe there is some kind of other connection I don't know about.

I read that a 77 tail light comes on with key so why would this 79 not.

This bike is 80% original sat since 1983 had 250 miles on it seemed to work when I first got it and put a battery in it. when I installed the led 12v bulb the break light part seemed to burn out and the tail light was working the opposite of what a reg bulb does thought that was kinda weird.

The original Stanley headlight was burnt out so I bought a replacement that comes with a removable bulb it works when the bike is running.also checked a fuse which seemed good

Any ideas?

Re: 1979 Honda express 2 tail light not working brake light only?

As you can see it also powers the speedo light. Does it work? If it does there is a break in the line. If it doesn’t find the brown and white wire and where it connects to the horn and test if it has voltage. Does the horn work? (edited)


Re: 1979 Honda express 2 tail light not working brake light only?

Having issues with my 82, gonna order Speedo turn singal and high beam bulbs. See if that helps me. I have an issue with high and low beam with my replacement headlight. High is low and low is high.

Will be following

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