Winter work

I'm lining up work on my Bravo this winter, and I have a question. I'd like the rims powder coated. I know I need to strip the chrome, but do I remove the spokes and hubs? I think I've seen posts where they've been powder coated. I checked WIKI, but only found basic painting techniques.

Re: Winter work

Anthony Sanchez /

I used to work at a powdercoating shop and you can coat them with the spokes on. But if your wheel ever gets slightly bent or whatever it’ll be hard to true the wheel cause the nipples are so coated in paint! I would do it. Just make sure when you drop off the wheels, you tell them what to tape off on the hubs! And make sure there’s no grease or it’ll leak all over in the over after it’s been coated.

Re: Winter work

yeah wheels are actually kinda hard if the oil's soaked in, they care a lot about prep and cleanliness

But still, you can sand blast the old paint or rust off before powder so you dont need to, most shops can and will handle that

As for removing the spokes and hub, it's a very daunting task for most people though i'm not sure why - it's easy.

You need a spoke wrench that fits the spoke nipples. Take the tire off, take the rim strip off and back the spokes out (kinda seems reverse direction cuz remember you're turning esentially the bottom of the screw) and then when theyre off enough you can use a flathead from the top of the nipple. back them all off and good to go. tightening them back in you get the pattern right but that;s also easy on mopeds because the angled holes etc. and then get them all tight. moped rims are pretty damned rigid so if they're all close to the same tightness usually you don't have to worry about truing. You can true it just setting the wheel in some forks or back dropouts on the stand so you can spin the wheel. Use a sharpie or whatever held against a stationary part of the frame and while the wheels spinning move it slowly closer. it'll leave a mark on the parts of the rim that are bowed out toward that side, you find the marks and tighten the spokes pulling to the opposite side in that location and it straightens it out! wham bam whooodiddley

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