za50 oil pump sealant

popped the oil pump and shaft out and wondering if anyone had any ideas on a sealant for the little plastic shaft thingy?

im thinking Ultra Black but if anyone has any other ideas/success stories lemme have 'em


Re: za50 oil pump sealant

Um no do not use ultra black. It is neither gas or oil resistant. I recommend not removing the shaft or drive. Just cover it.

Re: za50 oil pump sealant

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clean it rough it up and use Epoxy putty, epoxy a rod or something in there but not wood,I have used industrial-strength silicone caulk before also but ya not ultra black, I used whatever I had but I made sure it was gas and oil resistant and everything dried nicely

Just rode a bike other day I did 10 years ago with black silicone caulk and it’s still there

Re: za50 oil pump sealant

thx ken, like regular 'ol plumbers epoxy putty or the plastic shit you squeeze outta the 2 tube thingy?

and do i need a def need a rod/dowel or can i just fill the plastic sleeve, let it cure up for a couple days, then file down edges to make a solid cylinder, blocking the shaft?

Re: za50 oil pump sealant

i only thought of it because it specifically says oil and fuel resistant up to 500 degrees but im not 100% sure what im going for here

not sure if i need to fill the sleeve with epoxy, making it a solid cylinder, then popping it back in before plating the hole off


use a rod of some sort, epoxied into the center of the plastic sleeve, that extends deeper into the shaft itself?

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