76 carabela motomatic

Howdy y’all, just picked up my first moped, a 76 carabela. Appears to have no spark, anybody know what thread pitch the flywheel has for a puller? Flywheel says CEV Mod 6861. Believe the engine is a clone of a Minarelli v1, so maybe a Minarelli puller? Or, does anyone have tips for pulling the flywheel without a puller? Thanks! Also if anybody is familiar with these or knows of common problems causing no spark, that would be great!

Re: 76 carabela motomatic

If I was a betting man I'd bet on this one.

https://www.doscycles.com/products/19mm-x-1mm-puller (edited)

Re: 76 carabela motomatic

Gray Irwin /

That’s what I was thinking, thank you!

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