Cylinder stud stripped case

Finally did it, my worst nightmare.

Was repairing a head leak when the cylinder stud just kept turning and turning. Stripped threads in the case, Za50.

What are your recommendations? Helicoil? Tap it? Replace the cases and rebuild?

Leaning towards a thread insert. Anyone with an experience to share?


Re: Cylinder stud stripped case

Insert for sure.

Re: Cylinder stud stripped case

Helicoil. If you don't know how to do them then have them done, it will save time money and a real bad headache.

Re: Cylinder stud stripped case

Probably Fred /

Try chasing threads with bottoming tap and use original puch stud which threads cleaned and chased

Thread insert is kinda big and meat on za50 by transfer not too much,

What I would do is drill out the 6 mm hole to a 7 mm stud if chasing don’t work and then if that don’t work

What I did I did before (by hand) Is drill out to 8 mm hole and tap, drill a hole into a 8 mm bolt about 1/2 inch tap it and cut it off, smooth edges and use it as an insert, you only need about the size of a nut to have good threads, I've done this all with the hand drill on a bike but it helps to have someone tell you if you’re holding the drill at the right angle,

Re: Cylinder stud stripped case

Can you install oversize studs on this application. I know you can on others.

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