NU50 Fork Dust Covers

The rubber dust covers on the fork of my NU50 are cracked and I want to replace them, but I haven't been able to find a suitable replacement yet. Based on photos of other NU50s that I have seen, this appears to be a common issue. I saw in other posts that people have looked in the past, but I never saw if a good replacement was found. Has anyone found a good replacement for the stock NU50 dust covers?

I did see in a thread where someone used vinyl caps as replacements. I'd prefer the real thing, but these caps might be a decent option.


Re: NU50 Fork Dust Covers

Captain Janeway /

Like those alternates. I don't often (if ever) pull the forks, so on my cracked ones I've just wrapped a thick zip tie around. Prevents them from breaking off the rest of the way.

Re: NU50 Fork Dust Covers

I like the idea of the vinyl caps too. At least I know there is something out there if I can't find regular dust covers. Mine are just cracked right now, but they are trying to hang in there. I noticed that after my last trip around the block that one of them had moved itself down after the forks compressed. I was thinking about electrical tape or a zip tie as an interim fix. I was just hopeful that someone else had found real dust covers that fit.

Re: NU50 Fork Dust Covers

Here's another option to the keeping the originals in place as long as possible :

Cut a couple sections of an old bicycle inner tube to desired length . Just slip them over the OEM dust shields . You'll likely have to stretch them to get them over the shields . Trim excess . Done .

And , usually , the 'fix' even looks decent . ;)

I've used the same 'method' to extend the work life of handlebar grips that have cracked from sun rot , with excellent results . :D (edited)

Re: NU50 Fork Dust Covers

That's a good idea too, and it would probably allow a little more flexibility. I'll have to keep this one in mind as well. Thanks for the tip.

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