6v regulator removal

Thanh-Danh Ho /

I'd like to change the QT50 to 12v and from what i've found, it looks like I need to switch the bulbs out to 12v bulbs and remove the regulator.

My question is what do I do with the wire that goes to the regulator? Do I ground it to the frame? Or do I tape it off and not have it connected to anything?

I'm thinking that I need to ground it to the frame, but I'm not sure and I don't want to create a dead short.



Re: 6v regulator removal

Jack Rutherford /

Does the regulator really care whether it's getting 6v or 12v?

Anyhow, you'll need a charge coil that puts out 12v.

Re: 6v regulator removal

Yep, need a 12V ignition first. Why are you trying to change it? If your lights are dim, swap the rear bulbs to LED

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