Soft seizing at low temps?

About 2 months ago i was haulin moped ass home from work and i got my first glimpse of soft seizing. Granted i was full throttle most of the 30 min journey, but the temp still wasnt too far past 330. I first thought it was ignition related because it was similar to when my spark just took a shit when i was riding recently before. My first seize freed itself without me stopping and i made sure all my wires were clear and connected fully. Later realizing it was a soft seize. Well ive been taking it easy and then within the past 2 weeks it happens every time i take this trek. It happens both when its warmer or colder out, but its weird cause my temps steady 320ish so idk wtf is going on. When it started happening more frequently i had started mixing 50:1. So ive brought it back closer to 40:1 and it still going on. Any ideas? Again i dont get it happening with basic bitch temps. I dont think i have any air leaks...unless theyre hiding real good but ill check harder tomorrow

94’ Tomos A35

Airsal 70 cc kit wit da pipe

Delorto 15 sha with a jet i i dont remember #

Re: Soft seizing at low temps?

Dellorto wit da wrong jet fur a kitten pipe

Re: Soft seizing at low temps?

Higher Jet dood

Re: Soft seizing at low temps?

When i had a higher jet in it was drowning in fuel at idle. Ill tru it and maybe swap out the slide. Are there only 2 options for the 15mm? Treats only has 2 listed for the plastic one like mine has. Or is the metal one interchangable?

Re: Soft seizing at low temps?

John Konstantine /

Dellorto SHA (14/15/16) plastic & metal slides both work in this carb.

Re: Soft seizing at low temps?

Dan (high idle) Conway /

Sounds like it’s too lean. Back wheel locked when you seized/ riding it? that’s what usually happens (to me atleast lol)

Re: Soft seizing at low temps?

ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /

could also be air leaks leaning you out.

Re: Soft seizing at low temps?

agreed on the lean afr

Re: Soft seizing at low temps?

Check the piston to see how you seized.

If it is like 4 corners then it is likely lean jet or vacuum leak.

If it is like just at the exhause port then it is likely too hot a plug (glow is misfiring the cylinder) or timing. Usually the timing shows as high heat as the combustion chamber is retaining too much heat reversion wave from your pipe stuffs it.

Multipoint seize is usually caused by a piston that is mismatched to the size of the cylinder (piston too big).

Cylinder scoring (not much damage to the piston) is from insufficient ring gap.

Would be worth while to take the jug off anyhow so you can ensure there is no galled or smeared aluminium in the ring groove. Carefully remove the smeared material from the upper portion of the groove and the back. Be extremely careful to not put any scratches in the ring groove land where the ring does its job of sealing the combustion chamber.

You can burnish out the smears a little to ensure there is no future contact. If you have a plated bore you can remove aluminium smears with drain openers (carefully - dont get any on anything aluminium though), on cast bores just throw a ball hone through it with lots of kerosene. Plated bores with shadows you can buff it with a butterfly hone made with surgical gauze and some chrome polish.

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