87 Honda Elite 50 starting issues

I'd like to thank everybody who helped me in the O-ring post first of all.

I can't get this thing to get Beyond attempting to start. If any gas is given Beyond enough to get it to pop, it just dies. The spark plug in it is a bp6hs which is the type I use in my motorized bikes. I got it this way.

The instruction manual says a certain plug, BPR6 HSA to be the standard plug. Is the Bp6hs a modern equivalent?

Side note and a serious symptom of the starting problem, the back wheel seems really stiff and does not want to spin as free as it should.

**I feel like this is a huge part of the reason why it keeps dying out.

Re: 87 Honda Elite 50 starting issues

Use the plug called for by Honda. Stiff rear wheel could be brakes hanging up. (edited)

Re: 87 Honda Elite 50 starting issues

I figured there was something up. Had this happen when I got one of my QT 50s. They had the wrong plug in it and when I changed it, it gained back the power it was supposed to have

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