How to make ssr moped faster

I was wondering how to make a ssr lazer five moped faster and by the way this is the 2018 model and my friend even put a 70cc kit in his and I still wasn’t faster than my 2005 tomos lx moped

Re: How to make ssr moped faster

♣Slew Foot♣ /

2 stroke engines draw power from dimension w...

4 stroke engines are greener...

You'll shoot yer eye out kid....

Its like this...


Re: How to make ssr moped faster

4 stroke. you can get into valves and timing and bigger carbs and pipes but they're less responsive to that. Easiest is just boosting displacement. one option, there are big bore kits. like plenty - the horiztontal honda-clone platform is very common and well supported. a 70 kit is a pretty achievable and noticeable performance gain.

or 2) you swap on the bigger Lifan motors. they're cheap, like 3-400 dollar range for the cheapest of the decent ones. you can easily find a 110 or 125 that'll push about 3-4x the power of your stock engine, and with more speeds (but not automatic transmission and no pedals)

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