NC50 - No Spark

Replaced a bad engine that needs rebuilding with a rebuilt one this weekend and when I got it put back together it had no spark. has good compression and is getting gas.

Things that should be mentioned:

1. when I took the bike apart, it had good spark and fired up immediately.

2. before taking the bike apart, the brake light would come on when i turned the key

3. now, the only things that work with just the ignition is the horn and the turn signals. brake light is out. did not try to start the bike without the battery other than testing the spring lever return with the ignition off.

4. checked the points, but they seem clean and the spacing is about right. they could need more TLC.

5. have checked spark with multiple spark plugs.

any advice would be much appreciated. thanks.

Re: NC50 - No Spark

You gotta plug the three wires from engine into wiring harness on frame. Should be a black(or green) ground screwed to motor or intake too.

Do you have a flywheel puller for it? (edited)

Re: NC50 - No Spark

Did attach the three wires and made sure the ground wire is where it should be. Don't have the flywheel puller, hence my worry that it may still need work in there.

Re: NC50 - No Spark

Depending on whats wrong, you might need some parts from the old motor and you really need to pull the flywheel to service the points and points cam on this new motor. (edited)

Re: NC50 - No Spark

any good guide to that service beyond the manual?

Re: NC50 - No Spark

Your primary concern is removing any rust and applying lubrication to the points cam lobe which is on the back side of the flywheel. It will be easier to clean points too.

Re: NC50 - No Spark

ill post pictures of it tomorrow, thanks.

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