Kreidler Flory Case vent

Hey guys, I originally posted on here about my clutch lever o ring leaking. I was told that there is possibly a case vent blockage, my problem is I cannot find the case vent. I have looked at the engine tear down guide with the picture of the case vent and mine does not seem to have one there. It is a 1977 flory so I believe it should be an mp9. If any of you would be so kind as to just send me a picture of where your case vent is I would be forever greatful!

The previous owner may have seal it with silicone so that is why I'm not seeing it, I'm not sure. Thanks

Re: Kreidler Flory Case vent

Maybe poke around that area pictured with a thin stiff wire . You might just get lucky .

Re: Kreidler Flory Case vent

I tried that, not sure if I gouged the metal or found the vent, might just drill it out and see, it is the top most part of the case so it shouldn't hurt it if so and act as a vent even if the original one wasn't there.

Re: Kreidler Flory Case vent

this is a picture of my area of question, looks like the vent may be there, but I also may have just gouged it with a flat head, not sure.


Re: Kreidler Flory Case vent

Here's a Kreidler service manual :

Download it and find page 22 , 3rd pic down , #66 .

That might help you locate the vent . ;)

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