Head light and tail light no longer working.

Hi I have a 1980 Honda PA50. Camino. It is in original condition . It is the basic model without a battery, indicators, or brake light. It just has a head light with dip switch , tail light and horn.. Both lights and horn worked until I took the carburetor off for the 3rd time to get it cleaned out, but that is another story. Now only the horn works . I thought that I had pulled a connector apart while lowering the engine to get the carb off, but I have checked all of the wiring and all seems to be OK. I pulled apart and reconnected all connectors, but still no lights just the horn . I have looked at all of the available wiring diagrams and can not see one that matches the color of the wires on my moped. There are 3 wires under the head light that do not connect to anything and two under the rear mudguard. My 1979 PA50 has these same spare wires. My guess is that the same wiring loom was used for more than one model whether they had indicators or brake light or not. has anyone else had this problem after lowering the engine to get their carb off? If so what did you find had come apart?

Re: Head light and tail light no longer working.

Is the light circuit grounded? Have a multi-meter to test wires/connections/grounds?

Re: Head light and tail light no longer working.

check the frame's grounded to the subframe. that's sometimes an issue for hobbits. Then start tracing wires with a multimeter. I also like to use these:

you can easily track on down the line see if there's power out of the engine, then which wires have power up by the headlight, check grounds etc. super quick easy diagnostic - does this wire have power? yes - ok well plug into headlight, does headlight work? no? headlight's toast. etc

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