Oil leak 78 Maxi

Jeffrey Strichart /

Hopefully it is not the middle case gasket. If it is I guess I will have a perennial oil leak. It is a slow leak, so I would just have keep the oil on hand. Honestly it will not be ridden that much. I am more into the creating of a hopefully unique ride that suits my vision. Tomorrow I am going to degrease the motor to help identify the leak but what are some likely suspects? Thank you.

Re: Oil leak 78 Maxi

The cases are split horizontally and sealed with a non hardening liquid sealant. There isn't enough transmission fluid in the case to leak from the case seam when the motor is sitting. It's probably leaking around the clutch cover or drain plug.

Re: Oil leak 78 Maxi

Oil drain plug or clutch cover. is it a E50 or a ZA50?

Re: Oil leak 78 Maxi

Jeffrey Strichart /

Sorry it is an E50. 1978 1.5 hp.

Re: Oil leak 78 Maxi

Dan (high idle) Conway /

Yeah, Probably leaking from clutch cover or drain plug. Clean the area well and check after a ride. If it’s the clutch cover make sure both mating surfaces are clean when you remove the clutch. Get this gasket from treats. https://www.treatland.tv/puch-moped-E50-one-speed-clutch-cover-gasket-THI-p/e50-clutch-cover-gasket-thick.htm

If it’s the drain bolt, grab a new drain bolt gasket and thread it on with some high temp permatex thread lock.


Torque the bolts to spec and ride.


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