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Just moved and had my moped in the back of a UHaul tied down. Bike was barely running when I tried it to get to school on day 1, could barely idle and no chance at actually running. I accidentally knocked out the ignition wire the next day and it was burnt! Is there any way this could’ve happened in the ignition coil socket thing or did I just leave it to burn on the fins (accidentally) the day before I moved then put it back in without noticing? ALSO how do you all keep your wire in the coil? Mine is loose and it always makes me look like a fool when I can’t start my bike because of it. I did two layers of electrical tape but it eventually crinkles up and I have to replace it which gets annoying. Thanks!


Re: Ignition wire

Cut 1/4" off that bad end and check the coil connection point for any corrosion . The wire is meant to screw into the coil and be left tight .

You can see the tip of the 'screw' that insures a good connection with the HT wire core on the right hand coil . Note that the image says it's a PUSH IN type , but , it actually requires the wire to be twisted onto that screw .

Re: Ignition wire

u can buy a new spark plug cap pretty cheeply.

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