Sachs 505 wiring question

I noticed this cable is broken after doing some maintenance on my bike last night. I'm not sure if I accidentally broke it apart or what but I was unable to start my bike after discovering this (I also had just taken apart and cleaned the carb though).

Can anyone help me understand a few things:

1. What is the black "box" that this cable is plugged into? battery?

2. Does this cable have any effect on starting the engine?

3. What color should this cable be wired to? Thinking it was connected to the blue cable maybe.


Re: Sachs 505 wiring question

thats what gives your spark plug it spark, look on the wiki, there are wiring diagrams there.

Re: Sachs 505 wiring question

Maybe try hooking it up to that bare blue wire that's hanging right there ?

Re: Sachs 505 wiring question

John Konstantine /

1. Black box is high voltage ignition coil (Bosch)

2. Yes, if ignition coil is not connected, you get no spark & engine does not start.

Bosch high voltage ignition coil needs both spade terminals connected to it.

- One spade terminal goes to magneto points/condenser (Sachs blue wire usually)

- 2nd spade terminal goes to ground which can be frame of moped or outside engine (Sachs brown wire usually)

3. If that hanging Blue wire is from stator magneto points/condenser, then that should connect to spade terminal on Bosch ignition coil.


Re: Sachs 505 wiring question

well that about sums it up. welcome to your moped learning journey

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