Moby 50V shorted out

The other night riding my Moby, my decomp cable snapped at the cylinder. I reached down to movie it out of the way while the bike was still running and got shocked/zapped. I thought I touched the spark plug the wrong way or something, but the lights went out and I lost all power. Now I'm having trouble starting the bike, when it does, I can only get 7mph tops and it doesn't go on full throttle. Did I short the Ignition coil somehow? The tail light does work but it's extremely dim at higher rpms when I can get it to rev up. If the headlight blew, could this cause an electrical issue? A bad light doesn't usually cause this problem... I'm going to replace the stock 40yo coil and see if that fixes it, but other than that I have no idea what happened. Ran like a charm beforehand

Re: Moby 50V shorted out

I had a similar experience when my Novi coil shit out...I diddnt lose lights tho....

Did your ground strap break?

Re: Moby 50V shorted out

All wires are still connected.

Nice, I'll see if the coil replacement fixes it

Re: Moby 50V shorted out

I'd second the ground strap, trace it down if the coil doesn't help.

Re: Moby 50V shorted out

YEP - bonding strap from hell likely was already kaput and your decomp was the ground for the frame. Make a new strap and attach one end to one of your intake studs, the other end attach to the lower mounting stud for the external ignition coil.

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