Za50 clutch question

john cervini /

I just replaced the pucks and I'm following the tutorial in the wiki. My first gear clutch seems to be on backwards according to the picture in the wiki. The wiki shows the triangle facing out towards the cover. Mine is opposite. Which is correct? Thanks!

Re: Za50 clutch question

Check the manual

Re: Za50 clutch question

The Bottom picture is correct. I believe the wiki mentions the mistake

Re: Za50 clutch question

john cervini /

Thanks. I pulled it apart because it will get stuck in 1st at 15mph and won't shift unless I blip shift. It's doing the same thing with the new pucks. Its gear clutch seems to slip alot and will just spin trying to get up my driveway. The clutches look great and there's fresh type F transmission fluid. Not sure what the problem could be. Any suggestions?

Re: Za50 clutch question

Probably Fred /

Did you put put rollers in right? You got to bend/move the spring clip and put under the clip,

Are spring clips weak or rusted?

Did you shim your thrust plate?


If everything was done correctly sounds like you have the perfect set up for a fast kitted bike! when you want clutches and everything to slip,

Thats how I tune my clutches/za50 engines, I find clutches and parts that slip real good and put them in a engine that I’m gonna put a high-powered kit on it,

For slow stock you want to engage at a really low RPM,but for non-stock kitted you need a lot of slip and blip shift

Re: Za50 clutch question

john cervini /

I removed and installed the 1st gear with the rollers as one unit and I believe the rollers are correct. I didn't flip second. I did not reshim as I only replaced the pucks.

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