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> Born to be WillD Wrote:

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> Output definitely scales with rpm, so going faster makes more power and

> can blow bulbs. Proper bulbs should have enough to still handle, but a

> volt regulator is an easy safety net. Put in a volt reg

3 regulators ? Will your a hard wirer (as well as most of your crew are ha ha) you guys put everything on the one coil and use whatever wire you got laying around on your builds so you don’t know,

On those years the 6 wire Stator with 3 lighting coils, stock harness, same gauge wire with all those brown ground wires, normally closed brake switches and proper watts bulbs is the regulator,

The absolute best ignition-magneto system of any moped ever made, tail lights or any light can burn out and you don’t lose spark like a lot of bikes with no regulator or resistor to worry about either,

You would need 3 regulators, possibly some resistors too,

You would need to hack everything up, isolate each circuit, put 3 regulators in, change brake switches to normally open and I don’t think the coils would be able to excite each other after that either,

I got kitted bikes that have 40-year-old bulbs in them, ya they burn out occasionally but most times is because the connection to one bulb is corroded (mostly headlight)

So if you catch it right away (by seeing speedo bulb get real bright) and shut the headlight switch off you could save the speedo bulb, clean the connection and put new bulb in,

But if taillight goes out headlight most times is ok,

Basically what burns out the most on puch kitted bike is the taillight especially if you don’t have the airgap just perfect to the taillight coil and use aftermarket bulbs,

Walmart used to sell a 6v 7w lightbulb that would remedy that situation,

Don’t turn on your headlight if you found it was off while going at full speed and hi rpm because it could burn it out head and taillight from hi unregulated voltage so wait until you stop/idle before turning it on,

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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