1980 General 5-Star w. V1: General Unreliability

Hi all,

Bought a General 5-Star a couple weeks back. I went for it since it looked to be in great shape with some good upgrades (PHBG 17 with lever choke, 80cc Polini kit, MLM people's pipe), plus the seller said it had been serviced and set up recently at a reputable shop. He mentioned the tank would need to be restored, as there was a debris in fuel line issue. It has a Pietcard CDI.

Within the first week, I ran into problem after problem. The bike idled at a really high RPM, but taking down the idle screw just made it stall out whenever I stopped at lights. I checked all the jets, carb seemed to be clean, replaced the spark plug, tightened the chain, and finally went to clean the tank. Lo and behold, the tank was shiny and clean on the inside. I emptied the fuel and refilled it, and the problems persisted.

Every now and then I'll get a good 15 minute ride out of it, but any more than that, it stalls out, loses power while throttling, and just generally feels unhealthy. Idling is rough and inconsistent, with occasional revving and sometimes a choppy, low sputtering.

What should I start to look into? Feel like I've explored everything, and assumed it might just be an air filter/flow thing, but it randomly dies when idling no matter the airflow. Adjusting the fuel mixture screw doesn't seem to have bearing on this issue. I assume it has all the stock jets the Dellorto PHBG 17 comes with, and have been told maybe it's fuel rich, so I could downjet my main. Just getting a bit frustrated with this thing and want to get from point A to point B without stopping and adjusting 10 times.

Re: 1980 General 5-Star w. V1: General Unreliability

Check for an air inleakage and always try a new spark plug.

Re: 1980 General 5-Star w. V1: General Unreliability

Sounds like an air leak.

Re: 1980 General 5-Star w. V1: General Unreliability

Probably Fred /

Debris in the fuel system is not good,

Pietcard ignition not the most reliable either, having big pipe, big carburetor, big cylinder performance upgrades that you didn’t do yourself is a shot in the dark too,

I had five star general as well as a laser 50 which is basically the same thing as a 5 star and stock or stock with pipe upgrade they were very reliable bikes!

I think you should find that very reputable shop and have them very reputably figure out your problem unless you’re willing to take everything down to the block/engine bottom end and reassemble everything perfect

Re: 1980 General 5-Star w. V1: General Unreliability

look up air leak

Re: 1980 General 5-Star w. V1: General Unreliability

Mikey Antonakakis /

> tom toczek Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Sounds like an air leak.

Re: 1980 General 5-Star w. V1: General Unreliability

My friend's V1 powered Lazer sport 50 had the same problem. We replaced the crank seals and that cured the problem.

Re: 1980 General 5-Star w. V1: General Unreliability

Thanks for your replies, here's an update - worked with a very knowledgable friend who helped tremendously, was able to cross some things off the list.

- Performed a spray test with starter fluid, didn't get any evidence of appreciable air leak.

- Does not seem to be debris in fuel line, inside of tank is shiny and in really good shape.

- Replaced previous spark plug with NGK iridium resistor plug.

- Went up from 38 to 45 for my starter jet, went down from 75 to 72 for my main jet, seemed to smooth out the power band a bit, idling better but still stalling out.

Friend suspected the clutch as the problem - seemed to always engage at idle, so bought new springs to replace old ones. Drained the case and noticed there was barely a tablespoon of oil in there, viscous and black and in rough shape. Clutch pads were passable but pretty worn. I switched out the stock springs for red Malossi's, which ended up being way too stiff of course (should have listened to peoples' warnings).

Ordered the Rogue Raw springs and new clutch pads, hoping those and fresh oil will sort out my stalling issue.

Re: 1980 General 5-Star w. V1: General Unreliability

Sorry, 38 to 45 for my idle jet, not starter

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