DT50 Carburator float needle

So I got it sparking and started to try to tune it. But now the float needle is not seating right. It looks like it got stuck open or is inconsistent in opening as tuning it was all over the place. Last run I noticed a leak and thought the coolant crapped out. Turns out it was fuel overflowing from the carb, so needle is stuck.

Can anyone tell me what kind of carb type this is?

What is the best way to go about servicing one of these carbs? Carb dip? Or just break it open and change the needle?

I found a needle for $18 new. Is that the best way to just go with stock Yama part? Is there an aftermarket rebuild kit for this thing? Looking for bowl gasket, new needle, maybe some other parts.

(I already opened it a couple of times and cleaned every passage, but maybe some of gunk is still there. My thought was to get it running and let the fuel clean some of the remaining gunk out, and if that failed to dip it.)

Thanks for your help. I am a bit rusty on the 2 stroke carbs.

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