makeshift gas tank from tomos oil tank


My Honda Express tank is rusted and too much work then its worth to keep clean,

I have a tomos oil tank that i want to convert to a gas tank, small I know but I am willing to work with it.

what I started to do is put a short 1/8" line over original 1/8" nipple and then put a 3/16" line over the short 1/8" line, essentially creating a adapter and then I want to put a inline petcock with a in line fuel filter.

does anyone have any opinions if this setup will work for example is the gas flow going to be an issue. Do i need to create some kind of air hole in the tank or cap to aid in the flow if there is no air hole already? can thise oil tank handle gas ?

thank you

Re: makeshift gas tank from tomos oil tank

Just go to Ebay or other site like here labeled WTB on the buy/sell and get the right tank.

Re: makeshift gas tank from tomos oil tank

Hey let us know have additives and ethanol work in that oil tank conversion. But please store your bike away from your house.

Re: makeshift gas tank from tomos oil tank

I don't even see why your wasting your time. You can buy the one pictured for 8.00 with the vented gas cap.

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