Vespa Ciao rear wheel disengaged?

Trying to help a friend with his new barn-find single speed 77' Ciao.

The rear pulley doesn't seem to be engaged with the transmission at all, like, I can spin the pulley all day and the rear wheel is effectively in neutral.

Is there a disengage on the rear hub somewhere? Or has something in the transmission gone wrong?

I've heard legends of a rod I'm supposed to pull or push on the rear hub to engage the transmission, but where it at though?


Re: Vespa Ciao rear wheel disengaged?

ah, you gotta push the lever, then pull the rod! I understand it all now!

Re: Vespa Ciao rear wheel disengaged?

There is a button back there....similar in function to the lever on a Hobbit rear hub, I can't say I have see it myself, but have read about it, should not be too hard to locate, someone with one will prob post soon, but if you just scope it out, or post a pic maybe we could locate it for you?

Re: Vespa Ciao rear wheel disengaged?

Ha! Glad you got it!

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