Please help. No-ped. 1995 Majestic Pacer


My brother had a moped 15 years ago. Just moved to a beach town where everyone rides them around and I figured I’d look for a classic pedal moped. I came across what the person on Facebook that was a Honda moped but later found out it was a hero majestic pacer. It did not come with a key so it needed to be hardwired to the Killswitch.

I parked my Mercedes in front of the guys house handed him $200 and headed down the road on my proudly new owned moped. 2 miles into an 8 mile ride she died. A sweaty night begins. I go to a store on foot 2 miles away and get some 50:1 gas oil mix and some carb cleaner for the fuel and she starts right up again.

I get her home and in that 8 mile journey I realized I don’t need the fancy things in life I only need a moped. I wake up at sunrise the next day (wife thinks I’m mad) and head to the garage, fire up the hero and head to the beach success again! Ride her home and next journey is to the Verizon store for a new phone that evening. This is where TRAGEDY STRIKES. Two days into majestic ownership she is dead in the parking lot. I preceded this week to go back and clean the carb 2x redo all the wiring and get a new spark plug and ignition ether to test to make sure she’s starting.

In looking back.. I believe the Hotwire came apart and caused me to think bike broke and took whole darn thing apart. I preceded like a maniac to test multiple other things this week after a buddy with a truck helped me get it home. Last night a friend gets it started out of nowhere and I hear her sweet song once more. This morning... nothing. Disappointment.

I’m 27 I have a beautiful car, house and even a small single engine airplane but this moped in the 24 hours and 41 miles I rode her was the most fun I ever had. My ego was free. Please moped army help me. I need to prove my wife wrong and be the envy of the neighborhood.

Cleaned Carb

Changed Plug

Pulled and Cleaned Ped-Cock

Drained and replaced fuel

Greased chain

Hotwired kill switch

Confirmed compression

Confirmed spark

Confirmed fuel flow

The only only thing I am left to ponder is that I have the carb screws completely fucked up now. I’ve tried screwing them all the way in and slowly removing them 1/2 turn by 1/2 turn. Nada.

Another thing is above the inline fuel filter between the filter and the ped-cock sometimes looks to be dry but the filter is full of fuel and always refills if drained. She will start and bog out. If I can get her going she starts runs and dies.

Let me know if you need videos/pictures anything. I just want my Hero to be my hero and sing her sweet 2 stroke song once more. Because it’s over for me... I’ve fallen for an old beatup moped and if I can’t get this one running I’m getting another one... hell this is my first post on

The moped form as well. Let’s see how this boils over.


Re: Please help. No-ped. 1995 Majestic Pacer

If you pull the spark plug after trying to choke start it, and the plug is dry, you have a bad crank seal probably. That is,if you have fuel to the float bowl of carb.

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