Moby Clutch Help

I work mainly on hobbits, i dont have much experience with Moby's.

My friend has one and after some aftermarket upgrades (not done by him but by the person he bought it from).. he has to put a piece of cardboard in the clutch to shim it so there is enough drag to start the bike.

Rebel Moby said this is quite common in this setup.

I was wondering what solutions there are as it can be a pain in the butt on long rides, always having to keep something with you in case of stalls.

He'd like to avoid a pull start or a kick start, but if that is the only way to get around this so be it.

Just wanted to see what others are doing.


Re: Moby Clutch Help

wow seriously, no one is running a setup like this and has run into this? I find that hard to believe.

Re: Moby Clutch Help

Some folks actually have lives to live and don't get here every day . ;)

Re: Moby Clutch Help

Only other option besides kickstart, pull start or going back to a stock variator is to ditch the clutch function er3 and grab a clutchless variator and a clutch pulley. But if you have to ask you shouldn’t attempt it...

Re: Moby Clutch Help

touche PD! LOL (edited)

Re: Moby Clutch Help

good feedback. thanks man

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