Front fork jawa 210 rebuild

Blukas Lukas /

Do you have to take apart the whole front fork to get to the shocks, or is there a shortcut? And what oil can you use? The oil that leaks through the seal is like grease, so i think its time to rebuild the forks. Im new with this front fork rebuild stuff, thanks.

Re: Front fork jawa 210 rebuild

The 'oil' leaking through the seal is probably vaseline, just the type of grease you want to have in them.

About the disassembly, have to get back to you tomorrow or the day after. I have a 210 in pieces, packed in boxes, stuffed away in a I can't check it right now..but this week certainly. Hope you're not in a hurry :)

Here's mine before boxing it


Re: Front fork jawa 210 rebuild

Blukas Lukas /

Yeah, im not in a rush, I will have to remove the motor to clean the crap off the top to make sure it doesnt overheat. Should i go ahead and order the parts? I need some spare parts for some things anyway.

Re: Front fork jawa 210 rebuild

Well if you have old parts that wouldn't hurt to change, the source and money for parts, sure :)

It's usually wiser to order everything you need for the moment or near future. That way you will save in shipping fees, might even get free shipping.

I'm having troubles with my fork, too. There are some cracks, shot bearings etc.

The front seems to be kind of a weak link on these mopeds. This based on my own limited experience and 'stuff I've read' xD

Good thing there is this web store that have new forks, if my memory serves me. They have practically everything you could possibly need for the 210..

jawaparts maybe?

Re: Front fork jawa 210 rebuild

But unless there is something broken in your fork or shocks, you could only take everything apart, clean off any dirt and put new grease in the shocks? Might need to replace only the rubber covers if they're cracked and weakened by sunlight, rain and time.

Re: Front fork jawa 210 rebuild

Hey! Have you managed to figure out your fork? :)

Tomorrow morning I will check it, if you still need advice? I could take some pics if it helps?

Re: Front fork jawa 210 rebuild

Blukas Lukas /

Sorry for the late reply, I might just change out the dust covers and go with it, is there any way to just put more grease through it? or can i just take the wheel off and release the spring from the top?

If i do ill have the parts ready, which there not, Ill just go with the flow for now, I still need to replace some bulbs and small things anyway, so might as well get some clean grease and seals to pack in.

Re: Front fork jawa 210 rebuild

The manual says:

"The front can be slid out of the frame head after loosening the center steering bolt. Before refitting the fork thoroughly lubricate the sliding parts with automotive grease."

Can be found here. It's a PDF file.

Re: Front fork jawa 210 rebuild

Here are some pictures:

The spring is just threaded onto the upper part, as seen in the top pic, here.


..just unscrew it, like so;


..then it all slides apart and you can clean it and put new grease :)


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