tomos sprint stock a35

58 jet dellorto 14.12p no air leaks. Trans seals good. Cleaned carb an jet. Still getting hot doesn't sound crisp like normal.

Re: tomos sprint stock a35

Dan (high idle) Conway /

Ride the bike.... if it is jetted right after plug chop and goes 30 stock. If you don’t have a temp gauge don’t say it’s getting hot. Engines get hot, they need to be hot to work properly. 350 degrees is the hot running temp for all the stock moped i’ve owned.

Re: tomos sprint stock a35

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Stock Factory idle setting you open your throttle wide open hold it turn the idle screw all the way in then 4 1/2 turns out that will give you the ballpark Idol and you fine-tune it from there if your pipe isn't clogged and you have a NGK b6hs spark plug gap to about .3 you're jetting should be about a 68 or a 70 without a restrictive filter 60 264 with a restrictive filter your timing mark with a normal Tomas base gasket would be just about dead center between the two black marks that's the starting point and you tune up from there

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