Av7 clone voltage questions

Decided to use one of the clone av7 bottom halves with the 45mm airsal 70cc kit as a spare build for my av88. Mostly for a fun learning project as the original engine works fine now. Test run great though had to use stock head due to the extra inch or so it needs on top to line up the mounts. I’ll get around to breaking down and inspecting the cases etc but was basically too excited to wait for a little test run.

Anyway, the clone has a ‘12v’ coil that puts out about 11v AC at idle and 28v AC at speed. I guess this is a typical range and I’ll likely need to get a voltage regulator before connecting to lights etc.

But this raises a question for me: is AC voltage the norm? Do I need AC-specific bulbs/horn or will regular 12v bulbs work? I always assumed moped accessories ran on DC voltage but this has got me a bit confused now.

Re: Av7 clone voltage questions

These magnetos produce pulsating alternating current . Like most any bike . That's why a regulator/rectifier is used . The rectifier switches the AC to DC to lengthen the life of component accessories ( lights and such ) . It should be noted that some fixtures only use DC and some are not as 'picky' and can run on either AC or DC . The regulator helps keep the voltage within a given parameter , helping smooth the current flow ( less stress ) . (edited)

Re: Av7 clone voltage questions

Stock horns on mopeds are mostly AC, if the bike has a battery the horns are usually DC. Magnetos give out AC because the N and S are constantly swapping ends on the iron core of the coil as the flywheel rotates around it. A rectifier will smooth this out to DC and a regulator will keep the voltage to 12v or lower.

Important to not over tax a moped magneto by demanding too many watts from it. This will increase the parasitic heat inside the magneto and start to cook the insulation on the magnet wire in the coils and they will fail.

Re: Av7 clone voltage questions

Great answers and quick too, thanks guys.

Are all the regulators also rectifiers, or should I look only at the ones that specifically have both in the description?

Re: Av7 clone voltage questions

Both . One is not the other . ;)

Re: Av7 clone voltage questions

I would also say BOTH and get a DC horn

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