V1 no spark, bad ignition?

So I'm just trying to get spark...

I have a v1 on a gadabout, a blue red and black wire coming out of the ignition

I disconnected the black, blue is to a frame engine mount that I cleaned well. I'm positive it's a good ground

The red is going directly to the coil (new) paired with a new plug

I confirmed the points are opening and closing and I cleaned them as well...

Soldered in a new condenser

Bypassed the coil/plug with a test light to ground, still nothing


I'm stumped, and frustrated


Re: V1 no spark, bad ignition?

Richard Eberline /

condenser is soldered bad, slag pocket. Clean paint off for external coil, needs a good ground. Disconnect the kill switch, remove its ground wire. Test red wire's voltage, the coil is 12VAC. Pedal test around 4VAC. Report back

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