Tomos arrow r chain adjustment

I need some pics or possibly a brief detailed description on how to properly tighten the chain on my 2006 tomos arrow r thank you.

Re: Tomos arrow r chain adjustment

One should thoroughly clean and lube a drive chain first. It will most likely loosen up some more after doing so. Then adjust chain last.

Re: Tomos arrow r chain adjustment

Most bikes with the swingarm arc movement require you to adjust the chain a little loose when no weight is on the bike. When you hit a bump, the swingarm will tighten the chain and stress it and the sprockets and bearing of the front sprocket IF it's too tight. Leave at least 1/2" up and 1/2" down free movement while sitting on it.

Re: Tomos arrow r chain adjustment

start w a good chain n sprockets. old chain/sprockes cause looseness. anyways theres a couple nuts/bolts 17mm in the back of the swing arm, that allow for chain adjustment.

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