Exhaust pipe?

I have a black Kinetic tfr 1996 it runs good but I need to buy a new exhaust pipe for it because the one that was on the bike when I bought it is done. I'm not trying to make this bike go faster right now just run stock so I need suggestions for a good stock pipe. The bike has a 12.10 SHA Dellorto carburetor and 45 main jet witch is what it came with. I attached a image so you can see what I'm working with. The support hinge on the pipe broke off and the bolt for the header clamp striped. Thanks for your help in advance.


Re: Exhaust pipe?

Why not fix what you have ?

Be quicker .

Re: Exhaust pipe?

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Don't know anything about welding so fixing the original part that attaches to the sub-frame is out. And the bolt that is used in the header clamp is completely striped out. I'm sure there are means to repair it but it also wouldn't hurt to know would be a great replacement part also.

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