Tomos Transmission repair-

Hey guys, needing some advice on a tomos transmission issue. So just opened it up after there was a loud mechanical pop while shifting. Looks like the sprag clip(if thats what the little piece of wire is in there?) got caught by a gear. Looks like it chipped one of the gear teeth partially, other than that, no noticable damage. I noticed more noise from the transmission afterward, mostly a rattle coming to a stop. But it still rides and shifts fine. My question is: do i need to take the clutches and gears off and replace this clip?Is it needed? The first and second gears seem to have a bit of play as well, seems like it can move around a bit. Is that normal or something to do with the clip? Also anything special to know about taking the clutches and gears off?

Re: Tomos Transmission repair-

I think you can run it without the clip, but it will cause damage after a period of time.

Did you make sure to clean out any and all metal debris from the chipped gear, and remaining broken sprag clip? change the oil? If you still have metal particles it will start to do more damage.

the gears may be loose if you misplaced any shims, if they fell out during investigation and you didn't notice. there shouldn't be any play, this is hard to tell when you don't have the cover on, it helps hold them in.

Re: Tomos Transmission repair-

Paul Bubnash /

Thanks for replying! Yes I did remove anything broken and rinsed thr gears off a bit. No real metal shavings, just one chipped tooth from the clip getting crunched i assume. This is with the case off that the gears move just a bit? Normal? Seems like the shaft they are on can move a bit, I assume once I put the case on and the bearing is holding it, that wont be the case. I noticed that when i pedaled it un the garage before taking the trans cover off, it makes a click click click when pedaling instead of the normal whir. I was thinking somthing was up with the internal tensioner for that chain? I suppose I'll take the clutches and gears off and do a better inspection. I have never been inside the tomos transmission, but i've worked on my own motorcycles for years so it seems pretty simple. Any advice or things to know about taking this stuff off? I know to pay attention to shims and washers and the order they come off, anything beyond that thats tricky. I appriciate the advice!

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