1977 solo odyssey

Hi all,

Just bought a 1977 solo odyssey for a project. I'm trying to figure out why there is no spark and I see this key hole on the side. The seller told me there was no key needed so I didnt bother to look. Is this a locking mechanism or like a killswitch type thing? Is a key necessary to start this?




Re: 1977 solo odyssey

Fork lock

Re: 1977 solo odyssey

that has nothing to do with ignition. it's the fork lock.

actually have a funny story, we got a stolen bike back because the thieves had thought a fork lock was the ignition and managed to lock the forks and then abandoned it (meanwhile just pushing the bike briskly would've started it)

read thru fred's guide in the wiki for troubleshooting spark. if you've tried a new plug, you can also bypass all the killswitch stuff by running the power outta the stator directly to the HT coil. my strong suspicion though would be dirty points.

Re: 1977 solo odyssey

About the stator, i noticed that if i held down the horn or turned the light switch on, they received power while cranking the pedals. Still no spark though, but is this a sign of a good stator and a different issue?

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