Best carb for Motobecane av88?

It ran about 30mph on a flat with a Dellorto 14.12. That was fine, but since I need a new carb anyway due to a crack, I’m wondering if I can get any more out of it with a different carb. If not I can just stick another 14.12 on there.

Thanks all!

Re: Best carb for Motobecane av88?

Amal15 is pretty cool

Re: Best carb for Motobecane av88?

I would suggest a SHA 15:15 cable choke and jet in the 59-62 range depends on the set up of the bike. Even stock, the older AV88 will want more jet because the ports would be bigger on the old cylinder. You must include a 15mm intake with your purchase and verify that it is not restricted at the transition between round and rectangle inside the port (dremel or drill it correct) and you would be best served to add a 11/16 X 13/16 X 1/16 oring at the union between carb and intake to ensure a goodly seal.

While you are purchasing get a exhause crush ring gasket, remove the exhause and decoke you exhause port on the engine as well as clean the the pipe. Take off the exit cap and clean the baffles and silencer section. The carbon build up over the years is a power robber. With the exit off the exhause you might want to change the exit pipe for one 11mm inside diameter, that will give you some more inexpensive power and smooth performance. Would likely need a 64 jet in the SHA15 after the exhause exit mod if you decide to do it.

IMPORTANT - anytime when reassembling the exhause to the cylinder ALWAYS use a new crush gasket and tight the big nut well. ALWAYS check the big nut is right tight after the first goodly run when the engine is still cooking hot. If the big nut is not checked it can loosen from engine vibrations and the threads will become worn out in the cylinder.

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