Sparks outside ignition coil? Tomos a35

So my tomos sprint isn’t getting spark. It’s generating electricity because the horn and lights work when I kick it. When I was doing the whole “turn the lights off and look for spark” test I noticed my ignition coil has a little piece that sparks. I don’t think it’s shorting out to something, it just sparks. I can hear the bike wants to start but can’t so I guess it’s getting some amount of spark


Re: Sparks outside ignition coil? Tomos a35

Bad ground on the ignition coil, I would replace it.

Re: Sparks outside ignition coil? Tomos a35

Do you know what voltage the coil has?

Re: Sparks outside ignition coil? Tomos a35

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Easy peasy dude all you do is make sure all your connections are right and the housing of the high tension coil isn't cracked if it is get some nail polish and some duct tape put the nail polish on it and slap the duct tape over it to check the high-tension coil getting 9 volt put the negative to the frame of the bike and then strike the signal terminal with the positive with the spark plug line on the head it should give a nice spark with the 9 volt if not check your cap and plug try it again the voltage going in on the signal is like 4 volts and it only spikes once a revolution you can use a battery meter you can use a Multimeter or you could just use a stupid LED light..

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