2010 Tomos Streetmate R Bogs Down

Hey guys, I’m new here so the extent of my moped knowledge is limited so I’ll provide as much info as I can. About a couple weeks ago I went to ride my moped into work as I usually do and when I reached a stop I let down on the throttle as any normal person would. The only issue was when I went to speed up again the bike just wanted to bog down. Fast forward a week I’m stuck on the carburetor I thought it had to be the issue and that’s still my best guess. So I went ahead and bought a can of carb cleaner took the whole thing apart and cleaned it out. I also replaced the fuel filter and line along with it. I adjusted the carb everything sounded great and then it happened again. I noticed this only occurs when I’m over half throttle and it only occurs when I let off of it if I pin it and go straight I’m fine. Sometimes if stop completely I can here the exhaust pop back through and then it will move again. That’s about all I’ve done so far, but I’m afraid if I go any further because I’m gonna screw something up. The final bit of info I have to add is a video of the sound and that the carb is a Dellorto 14mm, with a 70cc kit, and the stock exhaust from 2010.

Re: 2010 Tomos Streetmate R Bogs Down

Check that the head bolts are snug and the jug can't be twisted. Check the carb's fit into the intake and the intake is not loose.

Re: 2010 Tomos Streetmate R Bogs Down

try a new plug, or a new pipe.

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