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I've been ordering from aliexpress for a while now and really enjoying it. I've mentioned it here occasionally. About 10 years ago it was quite astonishing how cheaply things could be ordered and received at my doorstep within days for little or no shipping cost. As time went on and their market matured the prices rose a bit, but still very good, and the variety of shit there as you drill down and learn how to search is amazing as well. I began to notice over time more and more crossover with ebay and aliexpress with vendors inhabiting both places at once. Perhaps most importantly, over the course of perhaps 30 to 40 orders I've placed I've never, even once, had a glitch in an order.

Here's a cool vid about wire edm drilling. @4:55 he gives a really good example of what I'm talking about. The price for that drill head reflects what everyone only dreamt about prior to the internet. "what if I could shop like a middleman/distributor and get a part right to my door instead of paying that middleman 15X the original cost?"

Anyway. Please resist the urge to let geo politics in here. It's frankly too complicated and over heated. This is only a heads up to tinkerers and hobbiests to check this stuff out.

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oops, forgot the link...

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I've had no problem using aliexpress either. It is crazy how they can ship it to my front door for next to nothing but the same package coming from someone in the US costs insanely more. I might spend $2 on something and it will be delivered to my front door at that price. If you buy that same item in the US it will cost more than $2 and that doesn't include the shipping cost. (edited)

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> Chris * Wrote:

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> I've had no problem using aliexpress either. It is crazy how they can

> ship it to my front door for next to nothing

Its not really crazy, the Chinese government just pays the shipping cost to stimulate industrial growth.

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I have had problems with Aliexpress stuff, arrives broken and one time completely the wrong thing was shipped, vendor replaced the damaged goods and the wrong part with no hassle at all, I have even gone back to a couple of the vendors who I got broken stuff from because they immediately made good. So excellent.

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Look up the international postal Union contracts basically when you pay for shipping it's in that country's monetary system so if the dollar is high and the Chinese currency is low the shipping costs on the Chinese side are way lower than the US oh and you can ship something to China for about $600 for a 54 foot container try for pricing that from Europe

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