Brake lever switch

Hello everyone, just purchased a '74 Garelli Bimatic and working round it I have found no brake light switches on the lever together with no wiring, do these parts exist or can I modify something that's available, any pics from an existing one would be a bonus, many thanks, Jamie.


Re: Brake lever switch

doesn't look like it had one, if it did it would thread into the brake lever perch right above where the cable goes in there. if there's threads for it, it's likely as simple as buying one and threading it in so the button gets pressed by the lever.

Other options include an inline compression switch, very simple but you'll have to locate it outside the cable housing, like where the cable actually pulls the lever on the wheel. Or replacing your brake assembly wih one that has a switch, any old moped one should work, or you could get a cheap ebike brake lever, they've go built-in switches and wiring for the brakes tat can easily be adapted for a brake light.

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