Batavus HS50 Needle Bearings? cleaning??

Recently bought a Batavus HS50.

I see that you are supposed to clean the needle bearings, but can't find any video or pictures and I'm afraid of taking anything apart and guessing...

I'd appreciate any detailed guidance you can offer!

Thanks in advance.


Re: Batavus HS50 Needle Bearings? cleaning??

Just tear it apart and take your own pictures or make your own video as you do it .

That way you'll know what goes where when you want it back together .

And , you'll have something to maybe help the next afraid guy or gal . ;)

Re: Batavus HS50 Needle Bearings? cleaning??

♣Slew Foot♣ /

I do believe those needle bearings that they're referring to are the ones inside of your pulley and your clutch for the most part don't stress about it run Marvel Mystery Oil once a month in your gas instead of normal 50 to 1 add 40 to 1 an ad 10 Marvel the clutch bearing is oiled bye a cup because the crankcase actually leaks on the clutch side to lubricate those needles so if you run Marvel once a month he'll keep them babies nice and clean I've never had a problem with the free Wheels

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