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yea... uh... what had happened was...

This is on a '77 newport that I had bought a few years ago that the p.o. had put a k-star kit on. When I got it, it was really low miles. I had upgraded to a 15mm real bing and mlm intake fancy mlm air filter.. had made a little window in the side covers for the air filter. I also put a circuit pipe on it since we have hills here in Pittsburgh.

It was really hot out that day. I had a temp gauge, and it was doing ok for a while, staying in 360-390 max range. Then it started getting hotter, (400-420 ish) and I thought it sounded like something was squealing and it didn't have as much power. At the lunch break my hubby (I'm a lady) and some others looked it over and it did squeal, but stopped... So the breakdown van by was super-duper packed and I decided I was gonna risk the ride back and hope that I at least made it back to PA (lunch was in NJ). We got over the bridge into PA (with a sigh of relief) and it started sputtering.. I had kinda backfired a little at one point before that. I thought maybe I was out of gas... I pulled over and I had a premix liter on me and dumped that in real quick. Hubby and I took off again hoping to maybe catch back up... got about 1/4 mile and I could hear and feel something break and I pulled over (at least we were near a wawa)

When we got back home we discovered that the intake was slightly loose. That probably worked it's way loose from vibration (it was the one thing we didn't check before heading to Philly) and caused the bike to run lean and was engine's demise.

lesson learned to check everything real good, and now I (we) get experience rebuilding an e50.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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