Ignition za50 stator for tomos hall sensor removal or bypass

I got this "Cdi stator" (power, trigger and ground outputs)


(I hear these za50 ones are terrible and I got the wrong one. )

to replace the original (only power wire output for ignition)


I would like to try and make it work still.

The only cdi boxes I have are 2 wire and do not have a trigger input.

Obviously the best solution is to just buy a box...

otherwise I should have bought this.


Do you think I could some how bypass or ground the hall effect sensor or even take it out? (and make it work)

Maybe I could use an auto relay and use the trigger coil?

I read a few threads. and the wiki.


(no pictures here)

Maybe I can wire it through a trailtech rectifier or something for some reason idk. I have electrical components if anyone can suggest an easy circuit.

Anyways, it will probably be burnt out soon.

I have been using a parmakit cdi/ coil, but I have been using a switch to disconnect the ground wire instead of using the switch to ground the power wire, which I hear can damage them sometimes. I might take it apart soon even though I still get spark out of it.

Re: Ignition za50 stator for tomos hall sensor removal or bypass

ugly duckling /

I made a diagram. Maybe if I hook the trigger in with the kill switch. If so it is hooked up exactly where a condenser would be. May put a condenser in there also to protect it.

This is a good video

If you want to have more control this

https://www.homemade-circuits.com/how-to-make-capacitive-discharge/ but its too much for me.



Or thinking I can use an auto relay to trigger the ignition coil. That would be in place of the Silicon Controlled Rectifier in the first video. Definitely need to find some one-way diodes to protect it.

First tho I am going to take the whole sensor off and see what happens.

hall effect.jpg

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