Electrical Nightmares

Hawthorne Swan-Scott /

Currently I am having a less than stellar time trying to figure out what seems to be causing my spark plug to not produce a spark.

Things I know:

*When I pedal and try to start it hooked up to a voltmeter measuring in AC it is a steady 8+ Volts

*The Horn works fine and so does the headlight of coarse while pedaling

*I have cleaned the points to no avail

*have a new spark plug but isn't gapped*

Could it be in issue with the back tailight/running light that make it won't produce a spark? But I am pretty sure that they are not even on the same circuit.

Does the timing/Gap have to be perfect as well for it to produce a spark

How do I check with a multimeter, to see where this electrical gremlin is coming from?

Any help is much appreciated.

Re: Electrical Nightmares

First things first: what bike is it? That will help, as they all have their own electrical quirks.

Re: Electrical Nightmares

just stick to one post, looks puch. try has it ever run, n what elese did u do? try disconnecting kill switch.

Re: Electrical Nightmares

Hawthorne Swan-Scott /

Sorry for the double post, I am still pretty new to the forums and was not sure if I was able to delete the one from before. After a a few day of trying everything turns out the kill switch was wired backwards, I felt so stupid ha ha sorry again for the double post.

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