Replacing busted ass shock mounts?

Hey guys,

I have a dumb question about how this shock mount works. I'm working with a Carabela Carrera, which I think is similar to a General Five Star, and my rear shock mounts are totally fucked. When I was removing the busted rear shocks, the threaded portion of the rod snapped off on both sides. I thought about JB-welding some threaded portion back on, but decided that's too sketchy so I want to try to fix it right.

It looks like the rod could come out, like it's a long stud that was inserted, but it seems extremely reluctant to budge. I was thinking I could drill a hole in the existing rod and cut threads for a stud, and then mount the shock to the stud, but if the whole rod can come out that seems like a better solution. What would you do? Am I missing something obvious here?

I've got a few pics of the setup, one side with the sketchy JB weld add-on threads (from a donor bolt) and the other side that I've started drilling out to mount a stud.


Re: Replacing busted ass shock mounts?

Lol. That jb weld will ruin your day. I think your on the right track drilling it...are they threaded in? Will they twist out?

Re: Replacing busted ass shock mounts?

Haha right? I don't know what I was thinking with the JB weld. One side that was JB-welded popped off while I was moving the frame around and it made me realize that it would absolutely pop off at some point while riding around, if I could even get it put back together.

They don't seem to be threaded in, but it's hard to tell. I ran a line down the frame and it seems like it's one rod that's threaded on both ends. I've tried clamping down and twisting like hell but the rod doesn't want to budge, from what I can tell. I'm guessing it might be welded in, or have rusted in over time. I'm leaning towards the drilling it out method...

Also, I'm going to start with M8, but then if I fuck up those threads I can always bump up to an M10. But with an M8, I can run either M8 shocks or M10 shocks with a spacer. I currently have a set of the Treats adjustable shocks. Can't wait to get this all back together!

Re: Replacing busted ass shock mounts?

You got a propane torch? could be friction fit. Gonna screw up the paint but it may be worth a try heating it up.

Re: Replacing busted ass shock mounts?

I cant tell whats original and whats been hacked, drilled, cut, ect.....other than a glop of epoxy.

Re: Replacing busted ass shock mounts?

Aaron - I thought that too, but I didn’t have any luck getting it to even budge.

Live evil - fair point, sorry, I’ll take better photos next time.

I ended up hacking the old shit off, drilling out both sides and putting studs on. Pics below in case anyone ever runs into the same issue. I used an M8x1.25 50mm stud on each end.

New threads after drilling out:


Get your threadlocker red and stud ready


Get that shit snug (note extra theeadlocker red pouring out, good stuff)


Re: Replacing busted ass shock mounts?

nice save!

Re: Replacing busted ass shock mounts?

Looks good.

Stud looks to be hardened. Doubt that ever breaks.

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