How to measure coil resistance 80 express

I have a 1980 Honda Express NC50 super nice bike has intermittent spark , so I installed and set my points correctly got a new plug, and when I put the tester in the spark plug boot it lights up but no spark with plug ,, what’s the coil resistance supposed to be ? I’m doing that next ,, it’s just wierd

Re: How to measure coil resistance 80 express

Richard Eberline /

A 6 volt External coil, is 2.0 to 2.4 ohms and 5,800 to 6,200 ohms. Use a good Ohm meter and get accurate results. Low side input positive to a ground or negative terminal. High side input positive to the output ignition wire screw lug. Remember to set your ohm scales and minus the meter resistance.

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