Express starter lever won't return

Jack Rutherford /

I'm working on another Express engine. I bought a left cover for it and can get it to wind up but the kickstart lever won't return automatically. I can push it back to the top by hand after each wind. I'm figuring this spring must have come out of position. anyone ever run into this? Do I have to take it completely apart to get the spring back into position? thanks

Re: Express starter lever won't return

Yes Jack number 8 is prime suspect.

Position or defect in your case?

Only time it happened to me is when I put mine back together and realized something was wrong before I bolted the L case up. I reversed a "kick start" conversion in which that spring had been molested (edited)

Re: Express starter lever won't return

Jack Rutherford /

so after tearing it down, putting spring on as it should be, reassembly - still same problem. Then I noticed two #18 washers on. hmmm, that ain't right. Removed one washer and viola! She works.

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