Puch maxi, dim/weak lights..

78' maxi luxe.

Previous owner wired it so the headlamp/taillight are always running.

No break lights

No speedo light

No horn/light switch

While tinkering, I detached the headlamp and all of a sudden my taillight is bright at idle, just like my other peds. But as soon as I hook the headlamp back up, the taillight goes back to a barely noticeable glow.

All of the other wires that are no longer in use are just free hanging, not touching.

I'm just wondering to why I barely have any bright lights at idle, and what could cause this.. And no, it doesn't get any brighter when I throttle it..

77 puch wiring colored copy.gif

Re: Puch maxi, dim/weak lights..

Sounds like someone has jumpered the headlight to the tail light circuit. You cant do that because each lighting coil is only designed to sustain its respective bulbs/circuits. You're gonna have to dive in and go over all the wiring using that schematic above^ to figure out what p.o. hacked.

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