Clutch issue?

Hey guys. Just joined up to ask a question for now. Hopefully you guys can point me in the right direction. I was riding my Tomos today, pulling away from a stop sign and there was a loud mechanical sound (sounded like a clutch spring snapped maybe?) shifting to second. Rode fine the rest of the 2 miles home, but made ALOT of sound from the transmission. Especially when decelerating. Sounds like the clutch knocking around in there.. Anyone have any experience with this happening? I got this bike recently, only about 1000 miles on it and all stock. Had to clean the carburator and get new gas in it to get it going, changed the transmission fluid with type F as well, i really didn't expect the transmission to have any issue since its only handling like 2 horsepower.... It runs great though, anyone have any idea of what this could be before i go searching around in there? Also anything i need to know before pulling the cover off? This is my first Tomos, forgive me for my ignorance. '05 LX, a35 motor. Thanks!

Re: Clutch issue?

just do a search n read up.

Re: Clutch issue?

Paul Bubnash /

I have been looking around. Guess i can figure it out. Was just wondering if anyone would know right away what it is. I noticed when i move the pedals forward there is a small ticking i can hear coming from inside instead of the usual whir. Guess ill open it up when i have time and get some answers.

Re: Clutch issue?

Try "sprag clip"

Re: Clutch issue?

♣Slew Foot♣ /

My mental moped illness or rather telepathy tells me that it's probably a break strip on the clutch shoe snapped

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