tensioner tensions

I was blasting on my n-frame Maxi and my pedal chain came loose so I pulled over and my chain tensioner had exploded off my bike. I bought a new one from Treats (the buzzetti one that's for the n-frame) but I couldn't figure out how to get it on.

It looks like the last one had a chunky piece that went between the arm and the frame and had a little peg that locked into the hole next to the mounting hole, but that peg has snapped off, and my new tensioner didn't come with one. Am I supposed to just lug this on real hard and it'll work? Or do I need that chunker? If I need it does anyone know what it's called or where to get one?

Re: tensioner tensions

This is the dude I bought:


And these pictures are of the dumb thing that's broken and didn't come with the new guy. I don't fully understand how it will make this arm functional, but I do see how having a peg might help. But it seems like the only thing making the spring function is me cranking down on the mounting bolt real tight?


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Check Sunday Morning Motors. May need to email them, because I don't know what it's called either, and they may not sell it separate. I dunno, but give em a shot.

Re: tensioner tensions

I'll try them, thanks.

Re: tensioner tensions

Sunday Morning Motors does have the complete unit for $20.00

Re: tensioner tensions

Yeah, it looks like that's what I'm doing.

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