1990 dt50 stuck in first

I have a 1990 Yamaha "shifty fifty" dt50 that I got recently. The clutch cover was leaking oil so I bought a new gasket and went to change it out. While I was pulling the cover, the kick start shaft came out with it. I got it back into place and replaced the gasket and got everything put back together. I cranked the bike up and let it sit for a few minutes to see if there were any leaks. Nothing leaked so I decided to take it out for a ride. I shifted down into first and pulled out of the driveway but when I went to shift up to second the shifter was stuck solid. I have tried rocking it back and forth to try and get it to let loose but I do not know where to go from here. There is almost no play in the shifter, it's just stuck in place.

Re: 1990 dt50 stuck in first

Always look at the last thing you did .

Maybe it's jammed because of misalignment or ???

Re: 1990 dt50 stuck in first

The easiest thing it could possibly be is the shifter is bent, letting you shift down but then it hits when you try to shift up. This literally just happened on a friend's CB400, we were about to tear apart the transmission when we noticed that.

Otherwise you'll have to pull the bottom end again and check to make sure everything is aligned/spaced properly

Re: 1990 dt50 stuck in first

Lucas Cheney /

bent in what way?

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