Repair: Columbus, Ohio

Anthony Ciminello /

Just purchased two 1980 betavus mopeds. Looking for someone in the Columbus, Ohio area that might be interested in helping tune them up. Both run, the Red gets up to around 30, but the yellow is maxing out around 15.


Re: Repair: Columbus, Ohio

Josiah Radebaugh /

Hmm I could help, but I'm about and hour away from you.. Have had a good bit of experience with Ye' Batavus

Re: Repair: Columbus, Ohio

Everytime I see one of these, it reminds me of Goldmember. He was from Holland too. Isn't that weird?

Re: Repair: Columbus, Ohio

Beach Club Nick /

I'm in Columbus, I'll help you out. I live in the university district. PM me

Re: Repair: Columbus, Ohio

Charles McCusker /

join the unOHfficials group on facebook. Tons of knowledge and helpful people.

Try working on that 15mph bike first is my advice. You learn a lot very quickly working on your own moped and you're going to need the knowledge if you have them to affordably keep them running.

You already have a 30mph bike, get the other to 30, then start trying to make one of them faster (if you want it to be).

For the sake of transparency, I took my wifes bike to river2strokes when she bought it cuz I was new to peds and phbg carbs. It wasn't expensive and I just wanted the thing to run reliably right away so we could ride, I don't regret it. I'd already got my stock puch going 35 just by asking questions and doing a lot of reading here.

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